Welcome to Parsippany Christian Fellowship

We are a small group of believers in the Lord Jesus Christ and meet at homes. We break bread and take communion together as believers in the Body of Christ. It is our conviction to Love the Lord first by being his disciples and then Love others by reaching out to make disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.

“We believe that every aspect of our life should be based and ruled by God’s word the Bible.”

We emphasize on new birth, enjoying the eternal God, God’s love to fill his children and flow in the Body of Christ, holiness in the inner man, purity of heart, integrity in family and financial matters, reaching out to the lost world with God’s testimony of Jesus Christ.

We are autonomous, non-denominational local church under the headship of the Lord Jesus Christ and are not associated organizationally with any other denomination or group. We are open to receiving any believers in the Body of Christ from any nation or culture or language.

  • We believe in a local church on the basis of acts: 2: 42.
  • We believe in the common ‘priesthood’ and ‘servant-hood’ of all believers.
  • We seek the five fold gifts of the Holy Spirit namely apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastor, and teachers in our church.
  • We believe in plurality of elders who serve the Lord willingly and are not paid for their service.
  • We believe that we are called and enabled to live  just as the Lord Jesus lived upon the earth as a man.

More information can be found in our “Statement of faith”