Oh to walk with a zealous godly saint!

What a delight it would be to fellowship with God’s saint. A saint whose heart loves God more than their own self. That child who is filled with gratefulness toward God for all the loving kindness that their heavenly father has showered upon them.


Their own hard-hearted life changed by the gentle kindness of God displayed in the fierce judgement on his own son Jesus Christ. A saint who weeps over their selfishness compared to the selfless love of Christ without any reservations.


A saint who has seen the treasure in Christ, revealed by God’s grace and rushes with zeal to pursue and make that treasure their own. whose soul feels the urgent necessity to leave all behind, hating everything that hinders them from pursuing this true love, first Love that they may urgently possess this immeasurable grace found in the Lord Jesus Christ.


A saint whose daily life is filled with the ever clearer revelations of the perfections of Christ which are to be transferred to own self as riches, wisdom, sanctification, redemption. Ever weeping over their weakness and failures to sin but ever strengthened  and restored by the Holy Spirit to rejoice in the beautiful grace of God. Enjoying the communion of God through the Holy Spirit.  a life filled with prayer, outpouring with thanksgiving toward God for all that he has done. When the creators mercies are new ever day can the thanksgiving ever cease!


A saint who is like a child striving to grow into the Holy Spirit’s many graces to be made true in their life yet constantly realising and being assured that it is God’s prerogative and power both to will and to do and not their effort and plan.Such ignorant failures are sweet and rewarding for such striving are seen and honored by God. “Because he loves me, I will deliver him” says the almighty. Knowing its foolishness to strive by self, stumbling yet holding fast to the one that is able to keep them for falling.


A saint that hungers and thirsts for the word. when the poverty of a lack of Godliness and power in self life rises up, this saint is begging God for the Holy Spirit to fill that they may be able to fulfill God’s will. a constant desire to build God’s kingdom ever desiring yet restraining and waiting keenly with one thought ” In your time my father, not my will, but thine be done”, zealous for the Lord’s kingdom yet bringing into God’s subjection the wild zeal into quiet still times of prayer, waiting to know the Lord’s will. Thy will be done dear father.


A saint who has a burning desire to please their beloved God and seeks to plead, feed and guide many because they know it pleases the heavenly father’s heart . Saints who know God is seeking “to bring many sons to glory” to be brought into the life of Light through the Lord Jesus Christ and they realize this is what Lord Jesus Christ has desired and died for.


A saint who sees the dangerous deception of hypocrisy, understands the beauty of the pure heart, has experienced communion with God and seeks more and more until it becomes continuous unstoppable flow of God’s Holy Spirit.


A saint who hates sin because he realizes its poisonous effect .Oh this death producing  Sin  seems sweet,  a pleasure to begin but gradually its deception is clear to this saint. He sees its power to enslave and draw away from the Love of the Lord. Its power to break life supplying, joy filled, intimate Godly  communion and leave them with guilt , emptiness and unclean heart. Sin comes to rob and steal and destroy the saint’s life therefore they see in the glowing light of Christ‘s pure life , the darkness and death it produces in the spiritual. They sense and recognize the evil unclean spirits behind these sweet death stings and are determined to hate this sin producing flesh which strangle , choke and dry away the life God has planned for them. This life of sin makes us ungrateful and selfish to the Gracious and loving Lord who redeemed us with his precious blood,  a sacrifice of pain that desired to produce a new heart full of praise therefore this  saint is firmly resolved to hate their own flesh and to allow the Holy Spirit to produce the divine life of Christ thereby crucifying their flesh.

I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.

Oh that saint who is humble and sees their own weakness compared to their brothers and sisters, unashamed to confess, open with a simple transparent life because they have already been convicted by God in their heart. They examines themselves zealously and asks the Holy Spirit to ” see if there any ways that are not pleasing to God” . Knowing that such detailed , painful examination is great eternal profit, because revelation of sin brings broken heart and confession and these things God will not despise but grants grace to those who have been humbled under God’s divine hand.


Oh! heavenly father, dear Lord Jesus grant us the fellowship of such saints, make us such saints , make us like the Lord Jesus Christ and thy Kingdom come. Upon such saints may thy Church be built

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