A Godly Fellowship is a secure place for saints

Fellowship and its Security

Isa 53:5 But He was pierced because of our transgressions, crushed because of our iniquities; punishment for our peace was on Him, and we are healed by His wounds.

Antibodies are organisms that help our bodies to fight against infections. They help in the healing process of the Body by monitoring and limiting the damage of injuries, infections. These antibodies are God’s design for our healing in the physical body. When they detect an injury or infection they rush to the scene and start the healing process.

So what about our Spiritual body?
God has united us in love as the Church so that we can prevent ,protect and be delivered from Sins, divisions, false doctrines. Here we can claim the promise of the Lord as mentioned in Isa 53:5 that if we turn to Christ in faith in the above mentioned circumstances then not only does the healing from the wounds of Christ apply individually , we can also claim it as the Body of Christ and his peace will be upon us. We can receive protection and healing from every kind of attack provided we turn to Christ our healer.

Fellowship is our divine blessing and a responsibility and most importantly it is God’s perfect will. Therefore be determined to serve others, love others as per God’s word. We should not only be busy with our own personal lives but should also selflessly and sacrificially enlarge our family responsibility to include at least a few brothers and sisters within our immediate circle in the Body of Christ. We must consider others interests , it is our privilege as born again Christians and also a divine responsibility to build God’s family.

Fellowship has a purpose
Fellowship does not only involve meeting and sharing news, meals but also requires seeking and sharing God’s will for others, taking responsibility for mutual growth and edification.

How should our fellowship be?
Just like we seek trustworthy and secure banks, doctors, spouses in the same way before we can fellowship we must be found Godly, trustworthy , responsible and faithful. Fellowship must be such a safe environment where everybody is at peace and willing to open up knowing that their personal lives are in safe hands. They must know that there will be Love not ungodly criticism, building up and not condemnation , confident that with Godly care everyone’s needs will be lifted up before God.

Such High standard of fellowship requires the mighty humbling power of God to fill and guide us
Our natural sinful self is prone to sins like division, hiding sins (hypocrisy), gossip etc. but Christ like virtues like trustworthiness, responsibility, covering sins by love and a safe environment is only possible if we submit to God and allow him to change us into Christ likeness. This means without spiritual maturity we cannot live such a life.

In order to make our fellowship secure we must nourish, watch and protect God’s family

  • Make our self known and make an effort to know others. Our children are not allowed to speak to strangers because we cannot trust strangers, In the same way no one will be encouraged to share if you are a reserved, unwelcoming, closed brother or sister. Therefore In order to be open and transparent in the Body of Christ , We must be willing to risk our reputation, ready to humble ourselves ,we should be ready to light others path with Godly counsel and at the same time allow others to light up our paths in a mutual exchange of love and light. We need not be open with everyone but we must have at least one brother or sister to progress further. This kind of fellowship will yield rich results, this kind of accountability grows richer as we walk more and more transparently.

Amos 3:3 Can two people walk together without agreeing on the direction?

Mat_18:20 For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.”

  • Watch and guide young believers (not in age but in spiritual maturity) in our midst . We must willingly and lovingly follow-up on their growth, check their understanding and help them to become strong both in knowledge and practical life.
  • Prevent, discourage divisions, gossip and harmful assumptions: we must discourage all unrighteous judgment in our self and in others. God is a righteous Judge, he judges based on facts. Personally we must avoid guessing , assuming and strictly discern by what we know or by what God reveals (Psa 7:11). This will eliminate majority of issues in the Body of Christ and allow for unhindered growth.