Wholehearted repentance

Wholehearted repentance requires us to judge our sin from God’s perspective and to forsake it. When we were baptized we made a covenant with God to keep a clear conscience and we must be faithful in keeping our commitment (1 Peter 3:21)

Without repentance there is no grace and the wrath of God still remains on us.

Without repentance we cannot receive spiritual peace and spiritual power to serve the God.consider why Jesus shed his blood? ( Heb 9:14 )

When we repent then God’s genuine grace not only justifies us but trains us in godliness (Tit 2:11-12)

Repentance leads to eternal life (Act 11:18)

These are some guidelines that can be used to thoroughly repent before God and thereby be restored unto eternal life .

Take sin seriously and repent

  • Honor God: Fear of God is the beginning of Wisdom (Psalm 111:10 )
  • Examine self: Spend time examining yourself before the Lord

 Identify your sin and consider its consequence.

  • Identify your sin even as Paul identified his sins clearly – 1Ti 1:13

Meditate on the Consequences

  • Rev 21:8 Liars have their place in the Lake of Fire
  • 1Co 6:9 – Adulterers will not enter the kingdom of God

Meditate on the scriptures which condemns that sin.

  • When we think of sin we tend to take it lightly that’s like ignoring cancer or heart disease in its early stages.But when we read God’s commandments in the word, sin is shown from God’s perspective and the true nature of sin and its harmful effects come out in the light (Rom 5:20 )
  • This meditation requires diligence in searching scriptures.

Meditate on the sufferings of the Lord Jesus who was crucified for these sins

  • 1Co 11:23, Luke 22:44  , Heb 5:7

Hate sin and forsake it, determine not to repeat it again.

  • Heb 1:9  Be holy , separate yourself from the sinful desires of the flesh in your mind before God.

Make every effort to rectify the damage done by your sin, to the best of your ability in the sight of God.

Rectify in your mind and heart

Repeat the act where you sinned in your mind and correct the situation in righteousness as if you had a second chance. If you have gossiped , go back to the point of temptation and decide when you should have stopped yourself from sinning. This exercise is very helpful in repenting fully.

Rectify practically where possible (Luk 19:8)

 Repay, Restore , Apologize , pay all your debts before God

Genuine repentance Praises God (1Ti 1:13-17)

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