Overcoming Insecurity (A real life testimony)

When we lack faith in God to help or provide for us in a circumstance then it leads to insecurity.  Trusting in God is the way to overcome insecurity.

Do not be Insecure but trust in God and be free from Sin of anxiety.

Trusting in God (Image courtesy of Jesse Therrien)

This is a true incident the names have been changed.

Phil was a senior worker  in his profession and  worked in his current  Job for a couple of years. After few years a new person Joe was hired by the company to work alongside Phil. Joe was junior to Phil and sought to learn from Phil’s experience.

As they worked closely their jobs conflicted with overlapping responsibilities. Slowly Phil started getting agitated over small and large issues alike. There was a great disturbance in his heart. unconsciously Phil started making things difficult for Joe. Including boasting of his own experience thereby making Joe look small and weak.  Phil forgot “all boasting is of the flesh and evil ” – jam 4:16

Phil was a born again christian and Joe was not. If Phil himself was in the grip of sin what testimony of Christ could he share? Who will accept his gospel?

 If Phil himself was in the grip of sin what testimony of Christ could he share? Who will accept his gospel?

Jesus Christ was perfectly sinless as a man therefore his testimony shook the world,Satan and the hardhearted Pharisees. They desperately sought to trap Jesus with deceitful words.

So Phil spent time seeking the Lord , God gave him light over his problems.

Phil had great disturbance in his heart because he was insecure about his Job.Instead of trusting in God he allowed doubt to come into his mind so fear came and faith left.

Since Phil had not addressed insecurity by examining his inner condition in God’s Light , He was suffering from unbelief and was trying to keep the job in his own strength thereby not receiving God’s grace. the result was he was getting agitated with Joe. Instead of light darkness was coming out of him.

Phil sought the Lord in humility and when the Holy Spirit flood his soul with peace, Fear and doubt were gone because God reminded Phil that he provides for his children without fail. These circumstances are used to make us mature, to carry the cross and glorify God. Phil had to be kind and generous even to his enemies like his heavenly father so no matter how insecure he felt Phil had to deny his natural desire to “Grab his Job” and “fight with and manipulate his colleagues”, instead his calling was to be like Christ. An over-comer of sin against whom Satan can make no sinful accusation stick.

Is it proper for a disciple of The lord Jesus  Christ to live a life of sin (Insecurity, unbelief)?

Instead Phil was called to trust God inwardly and be kind, gentle and generous outwardly.

Though anxiety may not look sinful the consequence of an un-confessed anxious life leads us into sinful acts eventually.

Once we have this gift of salvation we should No longer continue the sinful life.- (eph 2:1-3)

We should live the new divine life created in the image of God exactly like Jesus. (1 John 2:6)

Do not be anxious about anything. Instead, in every situation, through prayer and petition with thanksgiving, tell your requests to God. – (Phi 4:6 NET)